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MetaLine Surface Protection GmbH Wear Protection System MetaLine® 700: On-Board "Surface Protection Kit" elastomer - sprayable.. Product #: MetaLine-On-Board-Kit Regular price: $2,895.00 $2,895.00

Wear Protection System MetaLine® 700: On-Board "Surface Protection Kit"

2,895.00 €

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Surface protection coating system delivered in a watertight, lockable Transport box (Aluminum). Contains all necessary tools to prepare & coat metallic or elastomeric surfaces, like sandblasting tool, application tools as well as a complete MetaLine Series 700 Starter-Kit. Provides functional coatings fighting erosion, corrosion, cavitation and wear. Available in 60 / 85 / 95 Shore A hardness. Various colors available.

MetaLine Serie 700 coatings are suitable for wear protection, cavitation protection, corrosion protection, electrical and thermal insulation, liquid sealing, noise insulation, castings, impact protection, grip improvement, adhesive coating, scratch and marking protection, slip protection, etc.

1 x 1 piece MetaLine Cartridge-Spray-Applicator S-700
10 x 1,05 kg MetaLine Series 700 (Base + Solidifier) Double Cartridge
1 x 0,5 kg MetaLine 924 Borderline Corrosion Protection
1 x 0,5 kg MetaLine 900 Universal Primer
1 x 1,0 kg MetaLine 910 Rubber Primer / Adhesive
1 x 1 Liter MetaLine 995 Surface Cleaner
2 x 2 pieces MetaLine Spare-Part Nozzles/Mixers
1 x 1 piece Sandblasting tool SP 1
3 x 8,0 kg Blasting Grit (Fe)
1 x 1 piece Multipurpose pail (PE)
3 x 1 piece Mixing Jar
1 x 1 piece Breathing Mask
1 x 1 roll Masking Tape Fibre Reinforced (38 mm)
1 x 100 pieces One-Way Gloves
1 x 1 roll Masking Tape with PE-Folio
3 x 1 piece Painting brushes (small width, wide width, round)
1 x 1 piece Roughening tool for rubber
1 x 1 piece Aluminum Transport Box, lockable

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