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MetaLine Series 700 - General Process

MetaLine Series 700 cartridge spray system - ahead of time
MetaLine Series 700 - material cartridge
MetaLine's cartridge spraying process is based on a novel packaging and application technology. The product is de- livered ready to spray in two hermetically sealed cartridges. It is only necessary to screw on the static mixer/spray nozzle included. With the help of the MetaLine cartridge gun the cartridge's content is uniformly pressed into the static mixer, mixed thoroughly and sprayed on in atomized form via the nozzle head. The user may freely determine his processing speed.
Unique and at the same time unusual - a spraying method in professional quality with no cleaning involved
APPLICATOR S-700 - cartridge spray gun
Atomizing is similar to air gun lacquering, however, it is possible to apply far greater quantities and achieve considerably higher layer thicknesses. Handling is not complicated at all, initial instruction is recommended though!

MetaLine Series 700 coating material reacts very quickly, and already after only 1 minute flow-ability stops. Owing to this, it is possible to achieve enormous layer thicknesses quickly and uniformly - even in vertical inclinations.

The cartridge's content is not making any contact with the cartridge gun at all, since this spraying process is absolutely contact-free and hence requires no cleaning afterwards! The one-way static mixer will be disposed off after processing. Cartridges not used up completely can be removed and used again at a later stage.

MetaLine Series 700 coating materials do not contain any solvents or water! They do not pose any hazard to the user during processing, nonetheless the materials have to be processed in areas equipped with a suitable extraction system and respiratory masks are prescribed for the user.

Owing to its simplicity, swiftness and cleanliness, the MetaLine concept has gained a leading position. Preparing the substrate thoroughly beforehand is an absolute must! 

MetaLine Series 700 - Material selection

This technology involves 3 different material types with differing hardness and static friction:
  • Elastomeric armoring - 60 Shore A, soft, strongly adhesive -  MetaLine 760
  • Elastomeric armoring - 85 Shore A, semi-soft, slip-resistant - MetaLine 785
  • Elastomeric armoring - 95 Shore A, semi-hard, glide-supporting - MetaLine 795

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