Self-processable repair and coating materials

Protect – Repair – Save

Wear protection
Corrosion protection
Chemical protection
Noise abatement
Damage / leak repairs
Maximize production output
MetaLine can look back on more than 50 years of experience when it comes to protecting, maintaining and repairing stressed surfaces and parts. We are offering internationally tried and tested "coat-your-self solutions" for almost all industrial sectors.

What MetaLine is special for?

Definately our elastomeric, wear resistant spray-linings. More about Series 700 - The processing
With the help of our technologies you will be able to achieve the following, i.e.
+ looking after and protecting surfaces
+ reducing repair cost
+ extending machine life-time

We can also offer our solutions as a turnkey package or as a repair service – depending on what YOU want.

Feel free to be inspired by our ideas – you will be impressed!